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Ceyhinz Link International Inc., is one of the world's largest suppliers of cultivation solutions with clean, controllable, 100% natural coir-based substrates and ecological restoration solutions. Our RIOCOCO Coir substrates utilize the natural properties of processed coir fiber, pith and fractions.

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Riococo PCM grow bag open slightly showing coco coir medium

Strawberries can be grown in a greenhouse. But we need to pay attention to the plants and understand the particularities of growing strawberries in a greenhouse before jumping in. You’ll find are many advantages if you want to try growing strawberries in a greenhouse. All greenhouse strawberries are protected from sudden and unexpected drops in temperature.

Though it is critical for your strawberry plants to get as much sunlight as possible while fruiting, the greenhouse is ideal for the best strawberry production as they get direct sun peeped in through the clean glass window.

How do the coco coir starter blocks help to propagate plants faster?

Growing strawberries in a greenhouse make it difficult for insects and other pests to get to the protected fruit and thus it curtails pest damage. Growing strawberries in coco coir is an effective way to boost the healthy growth of the strawberry crops.

Coco coir products are 100% organic propagation media that helps to propagate faster and produce healthy crops. It has a great water holding capacity which initiates the equal distribution of water throughout the block.

It ensures optimum management of the air and water balance. The coir medium absorbs and distributes the nutrient and fertilizer solutions. Made with 100% super-washed coir natural material, the coco coir bags are compressed to different shape blocks in biodegradable cellulose paper.

Use coir bags and plank from the leading supplier to grow strawberries in greenhouses

Conventional Hydroponic growers have been using coir grow bags to grow strawberries for years. They have observed plants with faster root growth, evenly distributed roots, and healthier stems. RIOCOCO is a leading coco coir bag supplier which offers 100% organic coir bags to grow strawberries in indoor, greenhouses, or outdoor conditions. This boosts crop production and results in a higher number of blooms within a short time.

Coir grows plank is also used to nurture and grow fresh strawberries around the year. To give the shape of the slab, selected raw coco materials like coir natural ix and coir chips are compressed and blended, and then it is made in the required size. Then the horticulturist place and hydrate the planks in the container to give the young strawberry plants equal space to grow.

The part of the coconut which is regarded as waste material is the most useful part in making coir bags or coir planks. The by-product of the coconut oil or industry has turned out to be also useful to create a completely organic and natural growing medium. The hobbyist gardeners associated with the large-scale commercial greenhouses use this 100% organic soilless growing medium to propagate the berry plants steadily and quickly without the mess of soil.

How RIOCOCO is second to none in offering coir products to grow strawberries?

RIOCOCO manufactures and supplies 100% organic cocoa coir bags as a soilless medium to escalate healthy strawberry production. Renewable, biodegradable, and scientifically-blended coco coir substrate is used for growing strawberries in coco coir bags as it has excellent water holding capacity. With the super-fast absorption of the nutrient and fertilizer solution, it ensures equal distribution of water and air throughout the coir blocks.