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Ceyhinz Link International Inc., is one of the world's largest suppliers of cultivation solutions with clean, controllable, 100% natural coir-based substrates and ecological restoration solutions. Our RIOCOCO Coir substrates utilize the natural properties of processed coir fiber, pith and fractions.

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2900 Story Road West, Irving, TX 75038, USA 866-325-0064 [email protected]

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Open Top Bags



RIOCOCO PCM At Home Open Top Bags (OTBs) are made with a special mix of coir pith, coir chips, and coir cut fiber. The coir mix is five times washed, mechanically blended, and has had the fine dust removed. This mix gives excellent aeration and water retention for home growers. RIOCOCO PCM At Home OTBs come in either 1 gallon (3.4L), or 2 gallons (7.1L) depending on what the plants root volume requirements are for flowering and ripening stages.

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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 6 in